I Should Of Got Stitches!

On the weekend I went over to my friends house and I went to hop a fence and there were vines all over it and I didn’t see that there was a tip of Barb wire on the top of it . I went and hopped up and both hands got caught on it and I slipped because my shoe didn’t go into the hole and then when I slipped my hands were still caught on the fence and I ripped my hand open. It really hurt but I didn’t look at it and I was walking and then I looked at me hand and there was so much blood on it. But I was at a friends so I didn’t really care I just put paper towel on it but it didn’t stop bleeding.

    When I got home that night my mom told me I should get stitches but I thought I was fine but it really hurt. The worse part is that it happened at 1:30 and I had to deal with the pain all that day till 7:00 when I got home it really hurt. But other then that the day went really good me and my friends  put a bench up to the fence and the fence had that black tube thing on it. The stuff that’s on a baseball diamond fence because that’s were we were and we would jump and flip it, it was fun we did that for a half hour or so but that was before I ripped my hand open. The worse thing about it was it wouldn’t stop ripping back open.


Anne The Artist

Last Monday witch was February, 6, 2012 we had a artist named Anne come in our classroom for the week and she showed my class how to make masks. Are masks were historical people because this term we are focusing on history so we had to pick a character that was famous for something back in 1800’s and then we had to fill out a sheet telling things about our character because we have to get to know our character because we have to have a play and tell our story about our character. My character is a native man named Tecumseh and  I have to be play him and fight and tell a little story of a day in my life. I’m a little nervous because I don’t like acting in front of people and I think it is in front of our school. I also learned when Anne was here that cardboard is very flexible and it is very bendy, we used cardboard to make our masks it is hard to bend it at first but once you roll it  it becomes very easy.





I’m writing this post for Summer and it’s about BULLYING!!

I’m so happy schools have a no bullying policy set out for children’s safety, so you can go to school without being afraid.

I know a little bit about bullying, I was bullied as a kids for a couple years and never knew what to do, I tried staying away from my bully but he always seemed to find me no matter what I did or said he was there to make me sad, so one day I thought I would stand up and change what was happening and I started to bully other kids, I thought if I had other kids to scare he would leave me alone and not bother me, but it only got worse, if I had been told it wasn’t my fault I was being bullied,  and wasn’t afraid to tell someone I trusted I wouldn’t of had to go through all this and I wouldn’t of hurt other kids trying to make myself feel better.

So please DON’T bully and for the kids being Bullied stand up for yourself by telling an adult you trust what is happening Bonnie:)                                                                             

Family Reunions

On my moms side of the family we had a Munro reunion and its the first one EVER.And I seen people I have never meet before it was a big reunion and it was 45 minutes out side of London ON and we had  so much food there was pig and others there was 6 games for kids we had scavenger hunt and we had a water race its like the egg race but with  water and other games and  I played a game with a bunch of boys and I Had a pool noodle and I was hitting them and chasing them then the found the other and tried hitting me but the missed then i took it from them and the ran and hide from me. After that we had a Munro family picture there was  a lot of us and then we went back to playing there was alot of nice cars and nice people hope there is another one there

PS the reason this all happened was because of my grampa. Thanks grampa!

Halloween Fun

Today we are haveing a Halloween dance and its going to be so fun I cant wait to dance with friends and listen to the loud music it will be awesome and we also get to wear are costumes and my one friends costume is a facebook wall and we get to write on her and write funny things if you have facebook you will now what I mean. Then on Halloween evening my school is haveing a halloween activite day and I hope you guys like all the candy and you have awsome costumes and you dont go out for devils nght and if you dont now what it is thats good keep it that way if you do now dont go out please.


On The Weekend………

On the weekend I went to Laura’s house for 6 hours it was fun. We went to the store and we watched videos of kids in are class and then we went into her room and we were watching T.V and then we opened the window and the remote fell out onto the roof so me and Laura had to go out and get it. It was scary then we called our friend Brad and we were talking to him but we were not really talking to him because we just could not stop laughing about everything. Then when it was time for me to leave we went outside and played a game some what like tag it was dark and we could not see anywhere except for out front and that was the lights from the street and we would sneak up on each other and scream and then run. We had alot of fun but the fun stopped when I had to go home🙁



Growl Goes The Tummy

Crying African baby

From today till Sunday blogger’s have to write a blog about food.  Not only are we telling about are favourite food we are also telling about the 30 000 children that die a YEAR because of starvation and alot of Canadians and other countries are lucky to eat. Imagine only ever eating once a week and only eating rice or slop and having dirty water to drink. When we eat food we get full then we throw away the rest without thinking about those 30 000 children that have hunger pains and that are sick and dying people always say their lives are hard but you know what…. we have it so easy I  would love to take ALL  those people that say life’s hard because they don’t get something or some dumb reason and take them to Haiti or Cuba or Ethiopia and show them what it looks like to not eat and I hope this post helps alot of people think better.


What I Want To Learn

If I could pick anything I would pick  how to be a reptile vet. I love reptiles so I am going to be like the crocodile hunter Steve. Not only was he a crocodile hunter he was a  Reptile vet and animal vet and I would love to grow up and learn the things he did. And I think its important to be like a hero and to follow someone that you admirer but make sure there a good influence because you may like someone that does not do good thing.

If you comment on this I would LOVE to now what you want to be

Cool Cartoon Characters!

My teacher wanted us to make a post about cartoon characters and what there name is. My cartoon character is Spongebob Squarepants, the reason were doing this is because we have art today and we have to do something with the character but she has only gave us a little info not all of it so now we are trying to guess what it is. The reason I picked Spongebob squarepants is awesome and funny and loves karate like me.